• As one of the oldest family run luxury knitwear businesses based in the Scottish Borders, William Lockie is steeped in history and tradition.

    ‘Lockies’, as they are fondly known, dates
    back to 1874 and are renowned for producing the softest, finest and most
    luxurious knitwear in the world.

    The secret is in the use of the highest
    quality of raw materials coupled with the precision of their
    manufacturing process - producing knitwear like no other.

    Located in Hawick on the banks of the river
    Teviot, Lockies is proud to remain a family run business with skilled
    workers from the same local families who’ve been employed for

  • The so called 'Fibre of Kings', Cashmere is unparalleled in luxury, warmth, softness and durability.

    Cashmere beginnings are humble. Mountain Goats found in the freezing climates of China and Mongolia grow a downy underfleece of soft short hair to protect themselves from winter temperatures as low as 40°c. This undercoat is cashmere. The fibre is then painstakingly combed from the goats by nomadic tribesmen.

    The transformation happens in Scotland where the waters are soft and where more than a century of wisdom and understanding of this precious natural fibre is turned into pure luxury.