Updated March 2023

William Lockie and Company Limited RBS – TRAC 300622 – EPIS

Trustee Engagement:

In the relevant year the Trustee has not engaged with either Mobius or the underlying pooled fund managers on matters pertaining to ESG, stewardship or climate change.

The Trustee continues to work with its investment consultant, Mercer, on an ongoing basis to consider actions that can be taken to engage with their underlying fund managers going forward.  In doing so, it has included fund specific ESG ratings within the performance reporting (with ratings derived by Mercer), which will help to determine whether further action should be taken in respect of specific funds.

Voting Activity:

As noted earlier, the Fund has no direct relationship with the pooled funds it is ultimately invested in, and therefore no voting rights in relation to the Fund’s investments.  The Trustee has therefore effectively delegated its voting rights to the managers of the funds the Fund’s investments are ultimately invested in.

The Trustee has not been asked to vote on any specific matters over the Fund year.

Nevertheless, this Statement sets out a summary of the key voting activity of the pooled funds for which voting is possible (i.e., all funds which include equity holdings) in which the Fund’s assets are ultimately invested.

We note that best practice in developing a statement on voting and engagement activity is evolving and we will continue to take on board industry activity in this area before the production of next year’s’ statement.

February 2022

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